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Eritrea’s Success Story in Renewable Energy Development

Renewable Energy. Assab wind farm project
Assab wind farm project.


Eritrea, a country in the northeast of Africa, has been actively engaged in the development and utilization of different renewable energy sources, especially wind, since the first few years of independence when a preliminary survey was conducted to study wind velocity in different parts of the country.

Soon after, they establish a department within the Ministry of Energy and Mines called the “Development of Renewable Sources of Energy”.

This department becomes instrumental in initiating a number of tasks and studies on how to explore pollution-free, renewable (unlimited) sources of energy in Eritrea.

The department, in 2003, commenced the “Eritrean Wind Energy Scheme and the “Wind Energy Application” Pilot Project that was partially financed by the UNDP and the Global Environment Facility. Continue reading Eritrea’s Success Story in Renewable Energy Development