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4th Africa – Arab Summit: Eritrea’s Statement

Statement by H.E. Foreign Minister Osman Saleh of the State of Eritrea at the 4th Arab-African Summit

By Foreign Minister Osman Saleh,

Mr. Chairman,

Your Excellencies,

Your Highnesses,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I too join, the distinguished Excellencies who spoke before me, in thanking the Government and People of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for their warm welcome, generous hospitality and for hosting this brotherly partnership in a way worth of its merit.

Eritrea, aware of the prevailing global inequalities and challenges, tailored its own development model that caters to its specific national values and needs.

It has been pursuing a policy of self-reliance that entails mobilizing domestic resources and building national capacities, as the corner stone of this development model. Continue reading 4th Africa – Arab Summit: Eritrea’s Statement