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Why Is Glenn Greenwald Protecting the CIA?

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald’s compelling account of the NSA surveillance on the account of former employee Edward Snowden reveals the threat posed by spying. Who are the CIA agents in our midst?

By Thomas C Mountain,

WHY is Glenn Greenwald protecting the CIA? Edward Snowden made him the primary custodian for the tens of thousands of secret files Snowden downloaded from the NSA database yet only a small fraction of the files have been made public in the past year.

The reason? So Glenn Greenwald et.al can make sure that no one in the US intel community would be compromised?

Every day across the planet the CIA instigates the arrest, torture and murder of people whose only wrongdoing is opposing the crimes being committed by those in league with Pax Americana. Arms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking, all of the most evil activities on this planet are being instigated and directed by the CIA. So why is Glenn Greenwald protecting these bastards?  Continue reading Why Is Glenn Greenwald Protecting the CIA?