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BanaTom Strives to Satisfy Local Market

An export market Oriented Banana and Tomato Processing Factory Banatom
Eritrea’s substantive investment in water pay off: Dams  ⇆ Irrigation farming  ⇆ Jobs  ⇆ Agro Processing industry  ⇆ Economy


The general manager of BANATOM, the Banana juice, Tomato paste processing factory, Lt. Col Tekie Woldu, said the factory is exerting strong effort to satisfy the local market.

Indicating that the factory receives daily 5,000 quintals of organic tomatoes from the agricultural projects of Adi-Omar, Fanco-Tsimu, Gerset and Molever for processing, Lt. Col. Tekie said that the factory has created employment opportunity for the residents in the area. Continue reading BanaTom Strives to Satisfy Local Market

Eritrea’s 2014 Economic Outlook

Eritrea is currently not well-integrated into global value chains, but there is potential for an increased internationalisation of production and trade for mineral and agrofood exports

By African Development Bank Group,

ERITREA has faced considerable challenges over the years, including variable climate conditions. This has been compounded by restrictive economic policies, political isolation, a significant decline in remittances and scarcity of foreign exchange.

Reflecting these factors, estimated real GDP growth for 2013 fell sharply to 1.1% from 7% the previous year and is projected to increase marginally to 1.9% in 2014.  Continue reading Eritrea’s 2014 Economic Outlook

Eritrea Investment Conference

What makes Eritrea the ideal choice for investments?

By Berhane Woldu,

Eritrean Investment Conference was held in Asmara, Eritrea at the Asmara Palace Hotel for two days and development sites excursion to Central and Gash Barka regions on the third day. There were investors from different parts of the world, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and 22 countries from Africa.

The Eritrean Investment Center presented the goals and objectives of the Eritrean Governments economic growth and development objectives.  Continue reading Eritrea Investment Conference