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Four Ethiopian Armed Groups (TPDM, AG7, Amara, Afar) Merge

A game changer unity of Ethiopian armed opposition groups
A GAME CHANGER UNITY. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident” – Arthur Schopenhauer

By TesfaNews,

Four Ethiopian armed opposition forces fighting against the minority Ethiopian government have announced their unification to form one formidable united movement for the Salvation of Ethiopia.

In a press statement they released today, Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM), Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democratic Movement (AGUDM) aka AG7, Afar People’s Liberation Movement (APLM), and the Amhara Democratic Force Movement (ADFM) are now officially merged into one movement under one command and leadership that is tasked to liberate the people of Ethiopia from the looming danger. Continue reading Four Ethiopian Armed Groups (TPDM, AG7, Amara, Afar) Merge

TPLF Selling Fear, Doubt, Cheap Propaganda and Ethiopia

As a minority, the regime in Ethiopia cannot survive in a peaceful democratic arrangement with its own people and neighbors. Its very survival depends when Ethiopians divide along ethnicity, region and religion. They lie, exaggerate, falsify and misinform to instill fear and doubt among the people. That strategy is no longer effective as time is not on regime’s side anymore.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

For over 16 years the TPLF played negative roles in perpetuating the acrimonious relations that existed between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia by spewing false propaganda. The TPLF believes good relations between Ethiopians and Eritrea will hasten its demise. For that reason it has done everything possible to keep them separated, at odds and, injected hostility consistently. Continue reading TPLF Selling Fear, Doubt, Cheap Propaganda and Ethiopia

Ethiopian Opposition Group Threatens Armed Resistance

Freedom First. Armed struggle as the only viable option to bring democratic change in Ethiopia

By Douglas Mpuga | VOA News,

Ethiopia’s opposition Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy has decided to use armed resistance in addition to peaceful resistance against the government in Addis Ababa. This follows the move of the group’s leader from the United States to Eritrea.

Berhanu Nega travelled to Ethiopia’s northern neighbor following the merger of his Ginbot 7 with the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front. “It’s true he travelled to Eritrea, he went on July 17, 2015,” said the spokesman for the group, Dr. Tadesse Biru. Continue reading Ethiopian Opposition Group Threatens Armed Resistance

From University Professor to a Freedom Fighter

Berhanu Nega, a Bucknell University professor gives up life in America to lead the Ethiopian struggle for freedom and democracy

By EthioMedia,

PROF. Berhanu Nega, leader of Patriotic Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 (AGUDM), on Saturday bid farewell to his career as an economics professor here in America to lead a struggle in Africa against the despotic regime in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Continue reading From University Professor to a Freedom Fighter

Dr. Berhanu Nega Joins His Comrades in Eritrea

Welcoming ceremony for Dr. Berhanu Nega (Chairman), Ato Neamin Zeleqe (former CEO of ESAT) and the rest of the leaderships at the Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 (AGUDM) headquarters in Asmara. This is a turning point to the struggle for freedom. The countdown has now officially started.

By Patriotic Ginbot7,

AS YOU have already learnt, our struggle against the minority TPLF-led regime in Ethiopia has reached a crucial milestone at which our comrades have begun paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Armed struggle has never been our primary choice of the struggle. However, after closing all avenues of peaceful resistance, the regime has left us with the only options of either to remain enslaved losing all our civil liberties and freedom on our home land or to fight back and regain our democratic rights. Continue reading Dr. Berhanu Nega Joins His Comrades in Eritrea

Ethiopia: EPRDF Split Over Potential Intervention in Eritrea

Fact is the Ethiopian regime remains the Kernel of regional destabilization. Taking it’s capacity aside, the reckless saber-rattling against Eritrea should be condemned as failure to do so could have serious regional ramifications.

By TesfaNews,

ACCORDING to government sources for African Intelligence desk, opinions within the ruling coalition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) are divided about the possibility of a return to war or some kind of intervention against Eritrea – evidenced by the contradictions between Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, and the spokesman for the government, Getachew Reda. Continue reading Ethiopia: EPRDF Split Over Potential Intervention in Eritrea