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Eritrea Receives €8m EU Funding for Geothermal Exploration Work

EDF11 for Geothermal exploration
Under a $200 million funding package by the European Development Fund (EDF), Eritrea receives up to EUR 8 million (US$9 million) for exploration work at the Alid geothermal field.

By Think GeoEnergy,

A national energy plan for Eritrea was signed within the framework of the European Union’s 11th EDF (European Development Fund). As part of that Eritrea will receive up to €175 million ($200 million) for investment in the energy sector, including redoing the national power grid, building stand-alone photovoltaic and wind power supply systems in rural areas and the exploration of geothermal resources. Continue reading Eritrea Receives €8m EU Funding for Geothermal Exploration Work

Harnessing the Geothermal Potential of Eritrea

UNEP in association with ARGeo started to support Eritrea’s Geothermal energy development around Alid. It also proposes for Eritrea to host the 6th ARGeo biennial conference (ARGeo-C6) next year

By ARGeo,

UNITED Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has thrown its weight behind Eritrea’s vision of advancing clean energy development in the country.

Through the GEF Funded African Rift Geothermal Development Facility project (ARGeo) which promotes geothermal resource exploration, development and utilization in African countries, UNEP is engaged in supporting Eritrea (an ‘ARGeo country’) through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in the geothermal resource development particularly in the surface exploration of Alid geothermal prospect in Eritrea. Continue reading Harnessing the Geothermal Potential of Eritrea