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Ethiopia ‘Blocks’ Al Jazeera Websites

Traffic to English and Arabic websites has plummeted since the network aired coverage of protests in August last year.

Aljazeera qualifies in the long list of banned websites in Ethiopia. Paranoia?

By Aljazeera,

Al Jazeera’s English and Arabic websites are reported to have been blocked in Ethiopia, raising fresh fears that the government is continuing its efforts to silence the media.

Though the authorities in Addis Ababa have refused to comment on the reported censorship, Google Analytics data accessed by Al Jazeera shows that traffic from Ethiopia to the English website had plummeted from 50,000 hits in July 2012 to just 114 in September.

Traffic data revealed a similar drop for the Arabic website, with visits to the site dropping to 2 in September from 5,371 in July.  Continue reading Ethiopia ‘Blocks’ Al Jazeera Websites