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Mass Demo in Geneva – Denouncing COI Report

21 June 2016, An Eritrean Global Action Day of Defiance in Geneva

By Eritrean Global Action for Justice,

Eritreans and friends of Eritrea in Europe and the rest of the globe will hold a mass rally in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, to protest against the latest sickening report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea, a three-man panel that has never set foot in the country and has little direct knowledge of its people and culture. Continue reading Mass Demo in Geneva – Denouncing COI Report

Eritrea, ‘Oasis of Peace’

Thousand of Eritreans protested in Geneva against the UN report that presents their home country as a loophole of oppression, They demanded the withdrawal of sanctions against their country. But the arguments of the protesters did not attract the interest of the media. Even Swiss media ignored the occasion. But WHY? (Photo: June 22, 2015 Europe-wide demo)

By Alex Reichmuth | for Die Weltwoche (Swiss Weekly Magazine),

This article is about Eritreans. Crowds of Eritreans. But not these Eritreans who queue at the border of Calais or in front of a reception centre asking for asylum in Switzerland. It is about over a thousand Eritreans who came to Geneva from all over Europe. They protested in front of the UN headquarters. They expressed their indignation against a UN report that had characterized their homeland as a stronghold of evil and bad. Continue reading Eritrea, ‘Oasis of Peace’

Mainstream Media Ignores Europe-wide Eritrean Demonstration

The Western Mainstream Media’s contempt and racist attitude towards the people of Eritrea and their leadership has never been exposed before as much as it does on June 22 when a huge 10,000 strong #HandsOffEritrea Europe-wide Eritrean demonstration flooded Geneva. The reaction from the mainstream media was a deafening silence, as if they were not participated in the international charade following the COI report. This is a classic example of msm bias against Eritrea and that is exactly why it has long lost its luster among Eritreans. The solution for such racist practice rests on use alternative progressive media, citizen journalism and a swift rebuttal from active and media savvy Eritreans. 

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

IN JUST one week, it seems very cold water has been dropped on the media frenzy designed to buttress a sensationalized politically motivated report on Eritrea released by the Commission on Inquiry (COI) on 8 June 2015. The headlines bemoan the lack of action by policy makers-who seem to be having a hard time reconciling facts presented by the opposing sides of the arguments on Eritrea’s reality. Continue reading Mainstream Media Ignores Europe-wide Eritrean Demonstration

ተለዓል ተበገስ! ተጻብኦ ንምዂናን፡ መኸተና ብሓይልና ይሕነን!

ኣነ ተበጊሰ ኣለኹ፣ ንስኻ፡ ንስኺን ንስኹምን ከ? ኣነ’ዕወት! ኣነ’ብገስ! ኩሉ ድሕሪ ሃገር ኢልካ ምንቃል ሎሚ’ዩ ግዚኡ!

ብርዕና ዜናን ሓበሬታን (ስቶክሆልም)

ውድብ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ሓርነት ኤርትራ፡ ካብ ውልድኡ፡ ”ሓፋሽ ይንቃሕ! ይወደብ! ይተዓጠቕ!” ዝብል ጭርሕኡ ኣብ ህዝቢ ብምስራጽ፡ ዓወታት ቃልሲ ኣብ ምቅልጣፍ ከም ዝቐሰቦ ታሪኽ ዝምስክሮ ሓቂ እዩ። እዘን ጭርሖታት፡ ኣብ ዝሓለፉ ናይ ናጽነት ዓመታት ዘጓነፉ ተጻብኦታት ኣብ ምምካት’ውን፡ ሓያል ድርዕን ዕጥቂ መኸተ ኮይነን ቅስሚ ጸላእቲ ዝሰበራን ንዕንደራ ዝቐርሰማን፡ ልዓት ኤርትራውነት እየን። ከም ወትሩ፡ ኩሎም ተጻብኦታትን ዘወርቶምን ከደምቶምን ክሳብ ዚሰዓሩ ድማ፡ ኣብ ኤርትራዊ ሃገራውነት ዝተሓትማ መቃለሲ ኮይነን ከገልግላ እየን። Continue reading ተለዓል ተበገስ! ተጻብኦ ንምዂናን፡ መኸተና ብሓይልና ይሕነን!