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Time to Repeal Anti-Terrorism Law in Ethiopia

ethiopia anti-terrorism legislation criticized
Guilty until proven Innocent. Ethiopia’s Anti-Terrorism legislation makes Ethiopia the only country in the world that allows the police to arrest and detain a criminal suspect and then go out looking for evidence of wrongdoing for months and even years.

By Anuradha Mittal,

With the African Union celebrating the African Year of Human Rights at its 26th summit, at its headquarters in Addis, Ethiopia, the venue raises serious concerns about commitment to human rights.

Ethiopia’s so called economic development policies have not only ignored but enabled and exacerbated civil and human rights abuses in the country. Case and point is the ongoing land grabbing affecting several regions of the country. Under the controversial “villagization” program, the Ethiopian government is forcibly relocating over 1.5 million people to make land available to investors for so called economic growth. Continue reading Time to Repeal Anti-Terrorism Law in Ethiopia