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Eritrea Backs Saudi Arabia in Canada Row

Eritrea affirmed its unflinching solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Eritrea stands by Saudi Arabia in protecting its sovereignty as a matter of principle and based on the historic and brotherly relations that exist between the two countries.


Eritrea said it backs Saudi Arabia in its row with Canada and condemns in the strongest terms possible the irresponsible, provocative and audacious statement issued by the Canadian Government against the Kingdom to advance certain political agendas. Continue reading Eritrea Backs Saudi Arabia in Canada Row

Arab Coalition in Yemen Expands into the Horn of Africa

Eritrea is allegedly allowing the Arab coalition to use its land, airspace and territorial waters in a “new strategic military relationship with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates”, according to a non conclusive UN Monitoring Group report.

By Foreign Policy Diary,

The Emirati Armed Forces has started to use actively the Eritrean ports. According to our information, at least, three landing craft belonging to the United Arab Emirates were docked in the port of Assab on September 16.

A diplomatic row between Djibouti and UAE took precedence of these developments. On 28 April the UAE consulate in Djibouti was closed after the altercation between Wahib Moussa Kalinleh, the commander of the Djibouti Air Force, and Ali Al Shihi, Vice Consul of the UAE. Indeed, it was the a formal reason of the departure of the Gulf Cooperation Council troops based on a plot of land that Djibouti had put at its disposal in Haramous in early April to set up its military base. Then Saudi Arabia and UAE redirected their efforts aimed to build a military base on Eritrea. Continue reading Arab Coalition in Yemen Expands into the Horn of Africa