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Ethiopia: The Right To Remain Silent

The struggle for democracy in Ethiopia was lost long ago.
The struggle for democracy in Ethiopia was lost long ago. Barely a week goes by without news of fresh arrests and detentions. Yet, Ethiopia’s citizens seem to passively accept each new transgression of their rights. They are just too scared to fight back. The next election will be another EPRDF landslide and it is going to be, as always, all about ruling people than about people’s rule

By Ben Rawlence,

FEW political rights exist in Ethiopia and even fewer voices criticise the government.

The right to remain silent is one liberty not denied to critics of the Ethiopian government. Most other political entitlements have vanished. This explains the puzzle of Ethiopia’s invisible political opposition: it is so battered and brutalised, tattered and torn, that what is left of its pieces may never fit together again.  Continue reading Ethiopia: The Right To Remain Silent

ETHIOPIA: Gebru Asrat’s Party in Pieces

With its central committee resigned one after the other and some of its prominent anti-Eritrea members thrown into prison, Gebru Asrat’s Arena Tigray opposition party is in tatters.

By African Intelligence,

IT’S all gone wrong for Gebru Asrat’s Arena (opposition) party. Some members of its central committee claim to have resigned, while the executive says they were sacked.

Gebru Asrat, the former President of Tigray Regional State and founder of Arena Tigray for Democracy and Sovereignty, is now watching as his organisation shattered. And yet, he had already been warned last June by members of the party central committee that he should organise a convention.

He is criticised from the inside for his authoritarian style and his narrow nationalism.

He, together with Arena’s present president, Berhanu Berhe, had provoked the departure of four of the movement’s leading figures: Tadesse Bitewlign, Samuel Gebru, Hishaye Azanaw and Asgede Gebreselassie, one of the founders of the ruling TPLF.  Continue reading ETHIOPIA: Gebru Asrat’s Party in Pieces