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Susan Rice Against Arms Embargo on South Sudan

"I am against arms embargo simply because that would undermine the government’s ability to defend itself against the insurgency
“I am against arms embargo simply because that would undermine the government’s ability to defend itself against the insurgency … and even if one were imposed, it won’t be effective since ally Uganda wouldn’t enforce it.” – Susan Rice

By Foreign Policy,

THE U.S. security advisor, Susan Rice, has for months resisted appeals from key allies, including Britain and France, to push for a weapons bans on South Sudan, diplomats, human rights advocates and congressional officials told Foreign Policy (FP) magazine.

President Barack Obama’s national security team, US secretary of state, John Kerry and its ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power want an arms embargo imposed on South Sudan.

Both Power and Kerry have reportedly argued internally that South Sudan’s Salva Kiir has ignored Washington’s diplomatic appeals to halt the killings in the ongoing conflict, calling for more coercive measures, including an arms embargo on the young nation. Continue reading Susan Rice Against Arms Embargo on South Sudan

South Sudan Warns UN Against Imposing Sanctions

Can sanctions bring the desired peace to South Sudan? Since it is difficult to impose a meaningful sanction with out the support of the immediate neighboring states, for better or worse, it all depends on how a divided IGAD behaves in the coming weeks

By Associated Press,

SOUTH Sudan warned Tuesday that imposing sanctions will only make it harder to find an elusive peace in a yearlong conflict that has ripped the country apart and killed thousands of civilians.

Ambassador Francis Deng told the U.N. Security Council that targeted sanctions suggested by council members this month likely would “harden positions toward confrontation rather than cooperation,” and he insisted that his government remains optimistic that a peace deal is possible.

The conflict in the world’s youngest country, one rich in oil, already has staggered through a number of failed cease-fires. Deng blamed the slow pace of talks on the “frequent adjournment” by East African regional mediators.  Continue reading South Sudan Warns UN Against Imposing Sanctions

Illegal and Immoral UN/US Sanctions on Eritrea, Fail

“When we say our asset is our people, its value and power are not determined by what we physically possess but by the spiritual force that cannot be shattered by what our enemies can deploy in terms of the size or the army of its armaments. If there is any quantifiable measure of the distinctively Eritrean character it is reflected in our history of the struggle for national survival which has been realized by the sacrifice of a whole generation.” – General Sibhat Efrem


During an interview, April 7/2014, RT, former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said that US imposed sanctions are in fact an “act of war.” He states,

If two countries get in war, one of the most important things that they do is that they put down blockade – they prevent trade so the various countries can’t get their raw products. So, in that sense, the economic sanctions is doing something that happens in wartime, and that is preventing a government from getting certain things that are needed for the war.

The US, using a client state Ethiopia, has been waging wars against Eritrea for decades. The aim, to kill nationalism, dissolve Eritrea, integrate Eritreans and make them Ethiopia nationals by any means in order to dictate regional and global terms. Continue reading Illegal and Immoral UN/US Sanctions on Eritrea, Fail

UN Recounts Somalia Charcoal Disputes, Arms Filings, Eritrea Meeting

December: UN Monitoring Group to meet with Eritrean representatives in Paris

By Matthew Russell Lee,

In the run-up to the November 26 closed door briefing of the UN Security Council on Somalia and Eritrea sanctions, the new Monitoring Group coordinator Jarat Chopra raised to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and others the shipping and sale of charcoal from Somalia in violation of the sanctions.

The UAE and Oman did not immediate respond to inquiries about particular ships. The UAE prefers the re-sale of seized charcoal to its destruction under the supervision and advice of the UN Environment Program, despite concerns about corruption in re-sale that have been raised. Continue reading UN Recounts Somalia Charcoal Disputes, Arms Filings, Eritrea Meeting

Obama Devalues the Legacy of Slavery

United States in the past used to interven uninvited in the affairs of other countries under the banner of fighting terrorism, Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom. Now, there is a news found execuse for intervention – Slavery!

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

There is nothing more disturbing and frustrating than to see the legacy of blacks and slavery evoked incorrectly or to see someone using it for cheap PR point and demean its importance. But when it is the president of the US doing it against people of an African nation on a global stage it is outright shameful.

In a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), President Barack Obama raised the issue of human trafficking as a scourge that needs serious global attention. In his speech, President Obama likened the current global human trafficking situation to slaveryPresident Obama said that he does not evoke the word slavery lightly but to underscore the importance his administration places on human trafficking he is compelled to do so. Continue reading Obama Devalues the Legacy of Slavery

Eritrea Rejoins IGAD Bloc

Ethiopia has manipulated Eritrea's absence from IGAD and AU to its advantage

By Aaron Maasho (Reuters),

Eritrea has rejoined East African bloc IGAD, four years after it walked out on the body in protest at Ethiopian forces entering Somalia, according to a letter obtained by Reuters.

Analysts say Asmara’s withdrawal from the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD) was the first sign of deteriorating relations between the Red Sea state and regional countries over Somalia, where the Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group is battling to overthrow a U.N.-backed government. Continue reading Eritrea Rejoins IGAD Bloc