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Eritrea: Invasion of Armyworm Under Control

Invasion of fall armyworms in Eritrea under control
Eritrea announced invasion of fall armyworms that was spread to some 8,000 hectares has been defeated. Crops in 20 African countries has already been ravaged by the invasion. (Photo: © Mikhail Kochiev/Dreamstime)


The armyworm that has been observed in some part of the country has been under control.

Mr. Tedros Seium, head of the migration pests control, indicated that the army worm has been observed in 150 hectares in the Gash Barka region, in 800 hectares in the Anseba region, 2,000 hectares in the Southern region and in 5,000 hectares in the Central region. Continue reading Eritrea: Invasion of Armyworm Under Control