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Enchanting Asmara

Just as the day Asmara was liberated, Eritreans all over the world are basking in her glory and celebrating her new found fame – World Heritage Site.

Asmara, the “City of Dreams”,” Africa’s Secret Modernist City” is no longer a “The Forgotten City”… Yes, do Come and See!


Asmara woke up early on 8 July 2017, as it did for ages…the early morning call to prayers from nearby mosques and the sounds of church bells mix with the sounds of click clock from horse and donkey driven carriages, and the buses and trucks heading out of the city to villages near and far. Continue reading Enchanting Asmara

UNESCO Receives Asmara World Heritage Status Application

Ambassador Hanna Simon (R) presenting the official application for nomination of Asmara as a World Heritage city to the Director of the Heritage Division and UNESCO World Heritage Center, Dr. Mechtild Rössler (second from the right).

By Eritrea Embassy Media,

The nomination dossier and the supporting documents for the candidature of the city of Asmara to the World Heritage List has officially been submitted today to the World Heritage Center located at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Eritrea’s Ambassador to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Mrs. Hanna Simon, officially submitted the nomination dossier titled “Asmara: Africa’s Modernist City” and its supporting documents to the Director of UNESCO World Heritage Center, Dr. Mechtild Rössler. Continue reading UNESCO Receives Asmara World Heritage Status Application