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Response to Denden Hayelom’s Open Letter to Artist Michael Adonai

All Eritrean artists and musicians who have chosen to take a stand against the people and Government of Eritrea to always remember that your gift was nurtured and encouraged inside Eritrea, amongst your people and comrades.

By Bahri Tecle,

I READ Denden Hayelom’s open letter to Michael Adonai with great interest.

As a committed follower of Eritrean news and affairs online, I was pleasantly surprised to read such a balanced and reasoned criticism of an issue at hand.

Commendably, after offering his genuine compliments to an Eritrean comrade and extraordinary artist we have all appreciated over the years, Denden Hayelom proceeds to make his point regarding Michael Adonai’s recent interview on awate.com without veering off the subject and most notably without an ounce of disrespect, name-calling and/or the wanton character assassination that is so ubiquitous in other exchanges among Eritreans, and at times – even more embarrassingly – statements directed at non-Eritreans.  Continue reading Response to Denden Hayelom’s Open Letter to Artist Michael Adonai

An Open Letter to Michael Adonai

Having political differences is one thing but to go out of one’s way to invent a story as to gain the sympathy of a few is truly disgraceful

By Denden Hayelom,

IT is with great dismay that I read your interview on awate.com and it is with a very heavy heart that I write this open letter to you. How your conscience allows you to distort facts is beyond me. It is, however, a sad reflection of the length to which some are willing to go to mask their sense of guilt and justify their leaving behind a legacy that they themselves could never measure up to.  Continue reading An Open Letter to Michael Adonai