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Outer Asmara Ring Road Project

Outer Asmara ring road project
Construction of a new 12.5 Km, 20 meters wide outer Asmara ring road project extending from Bet Gergish – Beleza – Adi Nifas till Embaderho is underway. (Photo: Mela Ghebremedhin)

By Mela Ghebremedhin | Shabait,

Easing the burden of road traffic in major cities are critical elements in ensuring safety, environment and economic productivity. Indeed, most of major cities in the world suffer from traffic congestion and pollution while being time consuming for commuters. Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg are examples of such congestion in Africa.

The lack of infrastructure, well-maintained roads combined with mounting population in urban settings are all factors of road congestion. Eritrea isn’t immune of such situation and it is starting to show signs of road traffic issues in its capital city Asmara. Continue reading Outer Asmara Ring Road Project