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Al-Shabab Increases Attack After Rejecting President’s Amnesty Offer

Al-Shabab bomb attack in Mogadishu killed 17
Somalia’s new military chief, Gen. Ahmed Mohamed Jimale, has survived a suspected suicide car bomb attack that has killed over 15 people.


Somalia militant group Al-Shabab killed at least 15 people in a suicide car bombing targeting military officials on Sunday, as the Al-Qaeda affiliate rejected the president’s offer of an amnesty.

Two further attacks on Monday signaled that the militants are ramping up violence following a declaration of war on Al-Shabab by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Thursday. Continue reading Al-Shabab Increases Attack After Rejecting President’s Amnesty Offer

Somali Extremists Attack AMISOM Base and Northern Kenya

Al Shabaab have claimed responsibility for shooting dead a Somali intelligence officer in Mogadishu, for ramming a suicide truck into an AMISOM base in Beledweyne and for killing at least 12 people in northeastern Kenya, all in less than 24 hours.

By Reuters,

Somalia’s Al Shabaab militant group rammed a military base with a suicide truck bomb, shot dead an intelligence officer and killed 12 people in a Kenyan border town in a series of strikes over 24 hours, the militants said on Tuesday.

The group, which once ruled much of Somalia, wants to topple the Western-backed government in Mogadishu and drive out African AMISOM peacekeepers made up of soldiers from Kenya, Djibouti, Uganda, Ethiopia and other African nations. Continue reading Somali Extremists Attack AMISOM Base and Northern Kenya

Tewelde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacaro) Passed Away

R.I.P. Dr. Twelde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacaro): 1949 – 2014

By TesfaNews,

Dr. TEWELDE Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacaro) who has been under intensive medical treatment in Italy has been reportedly passed away yesterday at the age of 65.

The burial ceremony would be held on Saturday October 25th at the San Michele Church in Busto Arsizio, Milano.

Known to many by his philanthropic efforts, the late Wedi Vacaro remained a controversial figure as of late.

Driven by his narrow regionalist agenda and personal hate against President Isaias, Wedi Vacaro started his self-proclaimed activism work by cleverly manipulating the emotional moment that was created among the diaspora Eritreans after the Lampedusa boat accident.  Continue reading Tewelde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacaro) Passed Away

Djibouti President Unharmed After Airport Shooting Leaves Three Injured

Djibouti opens criminal investigation into yest airport shooting when a Presidential guard fired shots injuring a doctor and a Presidential guard minute after the President left the airport

By Paul Richardson,

DJIBOUTI President Ismael Omar Guelleh was unharmed in a shooting at the Horn of Africa country’s main airport in the capital that left three people wounded, Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf said.

A “young” member of the Republican Guard is under arrest after the incident in which Guelleh’s personal physician, Idris Abdi Gala, was shot twice in the chest and a third bullet caused a “small wound” to his head, Youssouf said in a phone interview today. The shooting took place yesterday about five minutes after Guelleh left the airport, where he had arrived after attending a regional summit in neighboring Ethiopia.  Continue reading Djibouti President Unharmed After Airport Shooting Leaves Three Injured