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Mr. Trump, Put the Ball in Eritrea’s Court

US Eritrea relation Rethinking Eritrea
“[…]The US government should put the ball in Asmara’s court … since no one is going to pay attention to Asmara if they don’t do something. […] If Washington makes it clear that the door [to engagement] is open, they need to walk through.” – Bronwyn Bruton, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Centre. (Photo credit: Mike Seium Pele Jr.)
By Rachel Ansley | for Atlantic Council,

With the growing threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham in Africa and shifting alliances in the region with the Arab Gulf states and Egypt, it is in the best interest of the incoming US administration to reassess engagement with Eritrea, a country which could play a significant strategic role in countering conflict and extremism, an expert on African politics said at the Atlantic Council on December 8.

According to Dan Connell, a visiting scholar from Boston University’s African Studies Center, “there’s a lot of reasons that if [the situation in Eritrea] is left unattended, it’s not going to stay the same, it’s going to get worse.” He added, “for a dealmaker, this is not a hard deal to make,” referring to US President-elect Donald Trump. Continue reading Mr. Trump, Put the Ball in Eritrea’s Court