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Don’t Let Ethiopia Become the Next Yugoslavia

Ethiopia’s political system today has strong parallels with that of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Federations of ethnonational states can become explosive during moments of political liberalization. PM Abiy Ahmed must tread carefully to avoid a Balkan nightmare.


Within a few shorts months, Ethiopia has witnessed a dramatic transformation. The new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, signed a peace agreement with Eritrea after years of simmering tensions. He has also granted pardons and amnesties to thousands of individuals and organizations once branded terrorists; all opposition groups based in Ethiopia or elsewhere have been invited to join in a peaceful transformation; media organizations are able to report more freely; legal reform councils and working groups have been established to review laws that were instrumental in the suppression of civil and political rights; and half of the prime minister’s cabinet is made up of women. Continue reading Don’t Let Ethiopia Become the Next Yugoslavia