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Will Ethiopia Need Another Live / Band Aid?

Band Aid Tigray
Band Aid, and the related Live Aid concerts, raised over $100m for the Ethiopian “famine” victims through one of the best selling single of all time “Do they know it’s Christmas?” in 1984. Besides the horrible “drought”, the country is suffering from a famine of democracy, justice, accountability, transparency, rule of law and human rights that no amount of live Aid, Band Aid or Dead Aid can cure.

By The Rakyat Post,

Poor spring rains have made Ethiopia’s worst drought in 50 years even more severe, and the government estimates the number of districts suffering a humanitarian emergency has risen by nearly one-fifth in three months.

The new figures will feed into the current revision by the government and aid agencies of a joint appeal in December for US$1.4 billion (RM5.43 billion) for more than 10 million people, some of them herders whose cattle are lying dead on the dry, dusty ground. Continue reading Will Ethiopia Need Another Live / Band Aid?