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Gash Barka: The Bread Basket of Eritrea

“We did not sell gold to buy foodPresident Isaias Afwerki; NY 2011.

If there is ever a region that epitomizes food security in Eritrea, it’s the Gash Barka Region

By Berhane Woldu,

The morning light had broadened, gained greater depth, and lay in a clean sheet across the field, giving it a silver tincture. Not a single car was in sight except a carvel of camels traveling parallel to a tree-wreathed riverside.

Barentu is the regional capital of Gash Barka. The trip to Barentu takes you through Anseba Region and into Agordat with its beautiful serene landscape. Barantu is situated in the fertile plains and is homeland of the Kunama ethnic group. Continue reading Gash Barka: The Bread Basket of Eritrea