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The Siege of Nakfa

the battle of Nakfa, Eritrea
The decisive battle to control Nakfa takes months thanks to the formidable Battalion 15 led by an Ethiopian commander, Lt. Colonel Mamo Temteme.


Entering from the southern part of Nakfa, four warplanes dived towards the north and started intensely bombing Tegadelties’ trenches. As the result, the vicinity was covered with dust and smolder. Passenger planes followed immediately dropping soldiers in parachutes in the flat area located in the eastern side of Nakfa. Continue reading The Siege of Nakfa

‘A Battle is More Like an Art than Science’- Gen. Filipos Weldeyohanes

Did Col. Kassa Gerbremariam actually killed himself?

MYSTERY RESOLVED. The last piece of the puzzle that intrigued Col. Mengistu Hailemariam and his Generals for several decades has now got an answer. Here is the story as told by the commander who planned and execute the destruction of the elite army command post led by Col. Kassa Gebremariam and put an end to the Fifth Offensive (ሓሙሻይ ወራር).


Fans at a soccer match usually see the mistakes in a game better than the players on the field. Similarly, military units who watch from a distance can see openings to be exploited better than units actually engaged in a battle. This is particularly true for the commanders in charge of the engaged units who follow the progress of a battle from a near distance. In the heat of a battle, these commanders of the battling unit can observe a situation and exploit a condition to change the situation to their advantage. Continue reading ‘A Battle is More Like an Art than Science’- Gen. Filipos Weldeyohanes