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‘Eritrea, the Country of Uncharted Biodiversity’: Prof. Ted Papenfuss

The “Asmara Toad” from frog species, the “Massawa Giecko” from lizard species, the “Side Neck Turtle” as well as “Hohaito Lizard” are amphibians and reptiles found only in Eritrea.

Prof. Theodore J. Papenfuss said Eritrea is rich in biodiversity of small animals. They are unique and very attractive.


The title of today’s article was suggested to me by Prof. Ted himself upon our settlement for an interview. And I agreed for a special treat for one of Q&A’s favorite guests, who in two years, is now sitting with us to share experiences and ideas for the third time!

Prof Theodore J. Papenfuss is a research specialist, and a former professor at the University of California, who has been engaged in Eritrea. This is the chronicle of a scientist who has visited Eritrea three times, bringing new traits of the Eritrean biodiversity to the knowledge of Eritreans and the world! Continue reading ‘Eritrea, the Country of Uncharted Biodiversity’: Prof. Ted Papenfuss

Securing Biodiversity through Protecting Areas

The project aims at establishing management systems for protected areas and contribute to restoration of the ecosystem, and securing the long-term survival of Eritrea’s globally significant biodiversity.


Eritrea houses a large variety of globally significant biodiversity. With a newly launched project, GEF, UNDP and the Government is increasing efforts to protect these valuable natural resources.

The project initiation workshop took place on the 22nd of July, with the ultimate objective to establish national conservation areas covering nearly one million hectares of currently un-protected terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Continue reading Securing Biodiversity through Protecting Areas