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Bisha Mine: In Eritrea, the Clocks Tick Differently

A visit to the Bisha Mine, 150 kilometers west of the capital Asmara

In the hunt for coveted raw materials, it is not only the environment that is often destroyed, especially in developing countries. Human rights are also falling by the wayside. Child labor in contaminated and insecure pits is just as much a part of this as the compulsory expropriation of peasants expelled from their land. International investors are using cunning – and often corruption – to find a way to circumvent taxation in order to get as much profit out of the country as possible. In Eritrea, the clocks tick differently.


The journey from Asmara to Bisha in the western lowlands of Eritrea takes just under 5 hours. Immediately after arrival, you will be taken to the safety briefing. In the mine and the processing plant apply to all strict safety rules: safety goggles, safety vest, sturdy shoes are as much a must as hard hat and earplugs. Continue reading Bisha Mine: In Eritrea, the Clocks Tick Differently