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How Did Ghana Fell Off the African Success Wagon?

Ghana's Success Story Goes Dark
President Obama was fan of Ghana’s economic success record, but cheers haven’t been enough to keep the country on the rails. But what went wrong?

By Adam Minter,

JUST a few years ago, Ghana seemed to be one of Africa’s few good news stories. The country was on a path to paying back the international creditors it had relied on for decades, and was widely lauded for managing five peaceful and democratic transitions of power since 1992.

When U.S. President Barack Obama visited the country in 2012, he called it “a wonderful success story economically,” and praised its government for “working for the people of Ghana, and not just the few.”  Continue reading How Did Ghana Fell Off the African Success Wagon?

Addis Abeba’s Power Outages Won’t be Solved Soon

PLAGUED BY POWER OUTAGES. In 2009, less than 10% of Ethiopians had access to electricity. In 2013, only 23% have access to electricity. This leaves the remaining 67 million out of the 87 million population to live a life in darkness.

By ESAT News,

THE power outages and shortage in Addis Abeba is making the lives of many people difficult that many people are being forced to dump the dough they have prepared for bakery due to sudden power disruptions.

The staff and vehicles of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation often get attacked by angry citizens, experts working in the Corporation said. Continue reading Addis Abeba’s Power Outages Won’t be Solved Soon

67 Million Ethiopians Do Not Have Access to Electricity

Only 23% of Ethiopians have access to electricity: IEA


ETHIOPIA’s 67.1 million citizens (77% of the total 87 million populations) do not have access to electricity, a new research by the International Energy Agency reveals.

Ethiopia is one of the six African countries that have chosen to be part of the United States’ Power Africa Initiative.

Approximately 230 million people from these six countries namely Ethiopia (67.1m), Liberia (3.9m), Tanzania (38.5m), Nigeria (79.4m), Kenya (33.5m) and Ghana (9.6m), do not have access to electricity meaning that there is often no electricity to power lights to study or to work at night. Continue reading 67 Million Ethiopians Do Not Have Access to Electricity

Eritrea’s Electric Power Challenges

Eritrea’s challenges to energy security is related to its low national income, challenging physical terrain, and post-war infrastructural destruction. Despite all that, 35% of Eritrean population have access to electricity. By comparison, figures across the East African region shows Ethiopia at 23%, Kenya at 18%, Uganda at 8.5%, and Sudan at 36%

By Berhane Woldu,

AT a conference in Asmara, a person in the audience got up and decried the fact that there is acute power problem. The person’s concern was that the City of Asmara was becoming prone to blackouts, the inconveniences of the shortage of light and the use of surfing the internet. I was taken aback by the question and had wanted the person to sit down; but being rational and on topic was the way out. It means that recognizing that the question of power isn’t a moral issue. It is financial, environmental and technical.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Electric Power Challenges