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Ethiopia Behind All Our Troubles: Ambassador Beyene Russom

In the face of growing accusations over Asmara’s alleged role in the Somali violence and links to terrorists in the Horn of Africa region, the Eritrean ambassador to Kenya HE Beyene Russom sets the record straight.  He spoke to Ronald Bera of DEA. Excerpts:

Ethiopia Behind All Our Troubles: Amb. Beyene Russom

By Ronald Bera (Diplomat East Africa),

DIPLOMAT EAST AFRICA: Is it true that the Eritrean Embassy in Nairobi is used as a conduit to fund terrorism in Somalia?

HE BEYENE RUSSOM: No, our Embassy is very clean and it has not been involved in any such activities. The accusations are baseless. I challenge anybody to come with any proof that this Embassy is involved in activities that go against the Laws of Kenya. We have always stood firmly against terrorism in principle and deeds. Let alone as a government, even during our long years of liberation struggle there is no element or trace of terrorist activity in our history. It is against our tradition and our principle. Continue reading Ethiopia Behind All Our Troubles: Ambassador Beyene Russom