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British Report Confirms Eritreans can Return Home Without Fear of Persecution

A new British government report have laid the controversial issue of migrant returnees to rest after its fact-finding mission to the country concludes that Eritreans can return home without any fear of persecution.

By TesfaNews,

The British government has published a new 285-page report that challenges the existing narrative of most Eritrean migrants, the UN and pro-migrant NGOs that their home country Eritrea mistreats them when they return.

Past British as well as Danish reports had contradicted the general narrative on the issue, but both reports were called into question. Continue reading British Report Confirms Eritreans can Return Home Without Fear of Persecution

British Report Discredits Eritrean Refugee Claim

IMMORAL. There are already 350,000 refugees in Uganda and 72,000 in Rwanda. But, why should Rwanda or Uganda compete to accept 45,000 more? For Humanity? Money? Weapons exchange? Shouldn’t Israel, as a modern and democratic country, be left alone to deal with its own refugees? Why shouldn’t Israel confirm or adopt the UK Home Office report and start repatriating them back to Eritrea in a dignified way than packaging them as commodities to exchange with some corrupt African leaders?

By Gil Ronen,

A REPORT issued in late March by the British Home Office determines that defectors from the Eritrean army do not, in fact, face life-threatening danger in Eritrea, and therefore do not deserve refugee status in other countries. Britain has issued new guidelines for dealing with the Eritreans who have flooded that country.

The British report is largely based on a report issued in Denmark in November, which has come under fire from “human rights” groups and the UNHCR.  Continue reading British Report Discredits Eritrean Refugee Claim