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Ethiopia: Illegitimate Regime Imposes New Parliament

TPLF is down for the count. When a regime declares a state of emergency, it is declaring that it can no longer control events in the country and things are completely out of hand. The “cabinet reshuffle” is therefore a window dressing, i.e. one element of the regime’s grand disinformation campaign.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

In May of 2005, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – EPRDF regime conducted a national election and the people of Ethiopia voted to oust the late tyrant Meles Zenawi and his EPRDF – TPLF party overwhelmingly.

Meles Zenawi and his TPLF – EPRDF cronies did not envision the outcome. Addis Ababa saw the largest demonstration ever. The newly formed party Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) posed immediate threat to the ruling party. Hence, without hesitation and fear of repercussion, Meles did what he does best; jail and kill the leaders of the opposition en-masse. Continue reading Ethiopia: Illegitimate Regime Imposes New Parliament

Oromo People Don’t Care about Cabinet Reshuffle: Jawar

Ethiopia’s cabinet reshuffle may be too little, too late to quell protests. When the protesters do return to the streets, they are unlikely to be swayed by the replacement of a few party loyalists at the top of the pyramid. (Tiksa Negeri/Reuters)

By Ludovica Iaccino | for IBTimes UK,

The Ethiopian government recently reshuffled its cabinet in a move seen by some as a result of months of anti-government protests. The parliament approved the list of 21 ministers proposed by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who said the appointments were based on people’s skills rather than their political affiliations.

As some key posts were given to ethnic Oromo, some claimed the reshuffle was part of measures the government said it would take to reduce grievances expressed by some ethnic groups. Continue reading Oromo People Don’t Care about Cabinet Reshuffle: Jawar