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Neocolonialism of Africa – What the Corporate Media Won’t Report

Neocolonialism and the corporate media against Africa
While exploiting their ex-colonies, Western Countries are advocating for superficial, shallow and phony democracy in Africa propagated by their massive news media. No wonder the media is keen in bashing Eritrea and brand it as the malevolent state of Africa only for refusing to sag or bow to Western domination.

By Berhane Woldu,

World renowned, richest, endowed with high skill and technology have monopoly of “World news” enabling them to report most fitting to the interest of big businesses, never caring to the truth of their reporting. News broadcasted on these major news media in some form or shape promotes the evils that are being conducted by the Western powers. Regime changes that went on in Iraq, Libya and one that is perpetuating in Syria with loss of 280,000 innocent Syrian lives and mass explosion of refuges into Europe are promoted, instigated and wrongly reported on these news media giving it a humanitarian face. Facts are that these wars are external wars leaving these Nations fractured, divided on ethnic and religious lines and transformed into failed states. Main Western news media shamelessly promotes and perpetuate the wickedness and malevolence of these powers. Continue reading Neocolonialism of Africa – What the Corporate Media Won’t Report