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Eritrea’s Resilience: A Corollary of Unremitting External Hostility

A perceptive piece that chronicles British entrenched and biased stance against Eritrea for almost seven decades.

“I conclude that Eritreans will meet these challenges with the same determination and resourcefulness that characterized their long struggle for international recognition as a sovereign nation”. (Pateman, 1998)


Having overcome countless obstacles and foiled relentless regional and international conspiracies for the last eight decades, the Eritrean people and government have situated themselves in a favorable diplomatic, political, financial and military position. Continue reading Eritrea’s Resilience: A Corollary of Unremitting External Hostility

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s Comments: Beyond Shameful

UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond’s ‘marauding migrants’ comments branded ‘shameful’ in furious backlash. But are his comments also racist? (Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/PA)

By Ray Ja Fraser,

The UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond recently warned that African migrants “pose a threat to the standard of living and social structure of the UK and the rest of Europe.” Hammond also went on to use the term “marauding” to describe the migrants’ presence in the Calais (France) area. For many, his comments come across as cold and callous, and several Labour candidates rightly condemned Hammond’s comments as “alarmist…unhelpful…and dehumanising.” Continue reading Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s Comments: Beyond Shameful

Colonialism and Imperialism, In Just One Tweet

Gianluca Mezzofiore, a reporter with the UK International Business Times has promoted a myopic, clichéd, stereotyped discourse of Eritrea. His recent journalistic approach towards Eritrea also illustrate colonial mentality

By Ray Ja Fraser,

It was once said that the British had an imperial empire so vast, “upon it, the sun never set.” Yes, but only because God would never trust the British in the dark. What are imperialism and empire? One of the best descriptions comes from James Flory, the protagonist in George Orwell’s semi-autobiographical first novel, Burmese Days (1934), who in an unusual chat-up line, tries to woo a young woman with his thoughts on imperialism. The woman asks, “what is imperialism?” In response, Flory quips, “imperialism is going to other people’s countries…killing them…and stealing their things.” Succinct and to the point. Continue reading Colonialism and Imperialism, In Just One Tweet

Land Grabs in Ethiopia and the Legacy of Colonization in Congo

How real is Land Grabbing in Ethiopia? Over the past several years, for instance, the Ethiopian government has handed over 1.8 million hectares of farmland, a size equaling nearly 40% the total area of the principal grain-growing state of Punjab in India to Indian “investors” for 70 years. It also turned over 250,000 hectares of land to the Saudi Star Agriculture Development Company for peanuts. Selling hundreds of thousands of hectares of land in Gambella for $1 a year “lease” is a land giveaway fest of epic proportions. How about doing 815 huge land deals with foreign “investors” over a three year period without transparency, institutional mechanisms for accountability, environmental impact analysis and the forced removal of local resident from ancestral lands? That is not only land grabbing, it is also a gross violation of human rights. Truth be told, it is not just urban land and it is not just farmland but the whole of Ethiopia’s land that is on the chopping block!

By The Global African (TeleSUR),

THE government of Ethiopia is planning to give away some 7 million hectares of land resulting in the displacement of over 1.5 million people. On this episode of teleSUR’s original series, The Global African, host Bill Fletcher chats with executive director and founder of the Oakland Institute in California, Anuradha Mittal.  Continue reading Land Grabs in Ethiopia and the Legacy of Colonization in Congo

Africa: We Don’t Want Aid

Africa: We don’t Want Aid. Thanks.   Europe: No, No you don’t understand you need Aid.

How would you develop any country when the dream of the majority of its youth and elite is not entrepreneurship, innovation, education and self-sufficiency, but the dream to have a job with a humanitarian organization or to get their project financed by some International aid Agency or proxy.

By Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN,

THE most fierce defendants of Aid to Africa are now mostly non-Africans, while most Africans are asking to stop it.

Take the example of one small East African nation Eritrea. They declared self-reliance and shut all NGOs and relief organization offices.

They refused to accept aid. Since then they’ve started building their country and have good results.  Continue reading Africa: We Don’t Want Aid

Peace Held Hostage by Ethiopia for Thirteen Years

While Ethiopia refuses to take final as final, and binding as binding, its talk for dialogue is nothing but a ruse.

By Ghidewon Abay Asmerom,

Thirteen years ago this day, on December 12, 2000, Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a Peace Agreement in Algiers with representatives of the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union and the President of Algeria as guarantors and witnesses.

Based on this historic Agreement, an independent EEBC (Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission) was mandated to delimit and demarcate the disputed Eritrea-Ethiopia border and the parties had said they “agree that the delimitation and demarcation determinations of the Commission shall be final and binding.” When they signed the Algiers Agreement they were committing themselves that they “shall respect the border so determined, as well as the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the other party.Continue reading Peace Held Hostage by Ethiopia for Thirteen Years