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Africa Regional Integration Report 2016: A Summary

Africa Regional Integration index 2016
Why regional integration matters and should be a development priority for Africa?

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD),

Last month, the inaugural edition of the Africa Regional Integration Index was released. The index, which is the “product of a strong collaboration on the part of the African Union Commission (AUC), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the [UN’s] Economic Commission for Africa (ECA),” is made up of several broad dimensions of integration and cross-border interaction, such as regional infrastructure, trade integration, financial and macroeconomic integration, productive integration, and the free movement of people. Sixteen specific indicators, which cut across the five dimensions, are utilized to calculate the overall index. Continue reading Africa Regional Integration Report 2016: A Summary

Eritrea Trade With COMESA Set to Rise

As one of the founding member states, Eritrea imposed an 80% tax reduction for all intra-COMESA trade activities and currently, 13% of Eritrea’s total trade exchange associated with COMESA member states


THE stage has been set for a rise in COMESA trade with Eritrea following a successful capacity building programme that presented to stakeholders, the opportunities prevalent in the region for Eritrean firms.

The training which served as an eye opener for business stakeholders in the country was conducted in Asmara last month by a team from the Secretariat comprising Tasara Muzorori, Senior Trade Officer; Zerezghi Kidane, Senior Customs Affairs Officer; Helen Kenani, Trade Policy Expert; and Anthony Walakira, ADP Eurotrace Expert.  Continue reading Eritrea Trade With COMESA Set to Rise

COMESA Promotes Eritrea Investment Opportunities

COMESA Regional Investment Agency Identified Investment Opportunities in Eritrea that have regional impacts

By TesfaNews,

As part of its endeavor to identify and promote investment opportunities with special focus on projects that have regional impact, the Regional Investment Agency (RIA) of COMESA identified the following potential investment opportunities in Eritrea and presented them in summary form.  Continue reading COMESA Promotes Eritrea Investment Opportunities

Zambia and Eritrea Share Experience in Conservation Agriculture

Zambia’s Conservation Farming technique was a success

By Capital Eritrea,

A team of agriculture experts and practitioners from Eritrea visited Zambia to learn first-hand about the successful implementation of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in the Southern Africa state. Sponsored by the COMESA Climate Change Initiative, the Eritrean delegation visited government ministries and departments, agriculture research institutions, the Zambia Conservation Farming Unit (CFU), large scale conservation agricultural, commercial farmers; as well as small and medium conservation agriculture practitioners in Zambia.  Continue reading Zambia and Eritrea Share Experience in Conservation Agriculture

Eritrea Adopts 2013 National Agricultural Development Plan

Eritrea Food Security Strategy: Employing modern machinery and modern farming system to enhance national food reserve beyond annual consumption

By TesfaNews,

The gold rich state of Eritrea, through its Ministerial Cabinet, adopts the country’s integrated Agricultural Development Plan and its budget for the year 2013.

After assessing the accomplishments registered over the past 5 years to promote livestock and crop production, the cabinet discussed action plans focusing on soil and water conservation, raising the capacity of water reserve and laying additional irrigation farming infrastructure as well as mechanization of agricultural activities along with expanding researchContinue reading Eritrea Adopts 2013 National Agricultural Development Plan

Eritrea offers Excellent Incentives Combined with Stability and Security: Shanghai Daily

Eritrea’s Free Zone integration and expansion will bring benefits for the country and investors.

Whatever you can find in other Free Zones, you can find it here in Eritrea: Dr. Araya Tsegai

By Shanghai Daily,

Exciting developments are taking place in Eritrea’s free zones, which will make a huge impact on trade and productive output in the country. Like all free zones, businesses based within the Massawa Free Zones Authority and the Massawa Port Authority benefit from excellent conditions and incentives.

The Eritrean government is hoping this new integrated development will attract considerable international attention and business, as it upgrades the port and airport facilities at Massawa and Assab. Given the political and social upheavals in neighboring countries, Eritrea offers stability and security for investors. They also benefit from excellent road and sea links, and Eritrea’s strategic location on the Red Sea trading route — one of the busiest trading routes in the world. Continue reading Eritrea offers Excellent Incentives Combined with Stability and Security: Shanghai Daily