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South Sudan Buys Weapons Amid Famine: UN

“We have not bought arms for the last of two-three years” – Government Spokesman

At least half – “and likely substantially more” – of the country’s budget expenditures are devoted to security including arms purchases, according a confidential UN report.


South Sudan’s government is spending its oil revenue on weapons as the country descends into a famine largely caused by Juba’s military operations, according to a confidential UN report.

The report seen by AFP on Friday calls for an arms embargo on South Sudan – a measure backed by the United States but rejected by the Security Council during a vote in December.

“Weapons continue to flow into South Sudan from diverse sources, often with the coordination of neighboring countries,” said the report by a panel of experts. Continue reading South Sudan Buys Weapons Amid Famine: UN

South Sudan’s President Decries Global Isolation Over Ongoing Conflict

President Kiir narrowly dodges UN’s arms embargo and targeted sanctions last week.

By Sudan Tribune,

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has expressed disappointment with the global community for isolating his administration, claiming the young nation has been written off.

“I know that many in the world community have written us off and there are many out there who believe that the situation in South Sudan will never get any better. We have a simple message for them, South Sudan shall rise once again and it shall be triumphant against all the odds”, he said in a Christmas message to the nation. Continue reading South Sudan’s President Decries Global Isolation Over Ongoing Conflict

How the World Bank and the IMF Destroy Africa

Debt is an efficient tool for IMF and World Bank sharks. It ensures access to other peoples’ raw materials and infrastructure on the cheapest possible terms. Through their ideology of neoliberalism, they immediately start to impose economic restructuring and Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs) that forces countries to spend less on things like health, education and development to ensure DEBT REPAYMENT. In effect, other development priorities will be shelved and poverty start to creep into the nations.

By Africa W,

THE World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were set up during the end of the World War II to rebuild the economies of Europe. However, in order for the world bank and the IMF to implement their policies, they began offering loans to poor countries but only if the poor countries privatized their economies and allowed western corporations an almost free access to their raw materials and markets. That was a poverty trap and many poor countries realized it when it was too late. We were already in chains. Continue reading How the World Bank and the IMF Destroy Africa

Somalia to UN: Hands Off Our Politics

“Respect Somalia’s Self-Determination’’, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud hit back to international concerns over the political infighting between him and Prime Minister

By VOA News,

THE president of Somalia is telling the United Nations to keep out of the country’s internal politics.

Monday’s statement from President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud came after the U.N. envoy to Somalia, Nicholas Kay, expressed concern that lawmakers are being bribed to vote against the prime minister in a possible no-confidence motion.  Continue reading Somalia to UN: Hands Off Our Politics

South Sudan Tops Somalia as the Most ‘Fragile’ State

Fragile States Index 2014. Eritrea drops to 19th from 25th while Ethiopia improved to 23rd  from 19th last year as the most fragile States for 2014

By Catherine Maddux,

SOUTH Sudan is now the world’s most fragile nation, displacing Somalia, which has held the top spot for the last six years.

The Fund for Peace, in partnership with the Foreign Policy Magazine have tracked South Sudan since 2012, not long after it became the African continent’s newest country.  Continue reading South Sudan Tops Somalia as the Most ‘Fragile’ State

‘Several Dead’ in Kenya Coast Attack

At least five killed by attackers in Taa village near Mpeketoni, the site of raids that killed 65 last week.

Kenyan politicians quietly backing tribal conflicts? Situations in Mpeketoni leading Kenya into a political crisis

By Reuters,

FIVE people have been killed by unknown attackers in a village on Kenya’s coast near Mpeketoni town, where at least 65 people died in attacks last week, according to a government official.

“I am aware that a gang that is unknown attacked Taa village in Witu division yesterday [Monday] night and killed five people,” the Lamu County commissioner, Stephen Ikua, told Reuters news agency.

The “attackers used machetes and other crude weapons … the victims have cuts and injuries,” Taa village chief Kaviha Charo Karisa told Reuters.  Continue reading ‘Several Dead’ in Kenya Coast Attack