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Eritrean Red Sea: The Untouched Diving Paradise

A Diver’s Dreamscape: The Eritrean Red Sea coast offers some of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. The warm waters of the Dahlak Archipelago — a scattering of more than 120 islands —  abound with jellyfish, barracuda, manta rays, parrotfish, red snappers, coral fish, puffer fish, clown fish and more than 200 types of corals. (Getty Images)


It is rare to hear the words Africa and scuba diving in the same sentence but this is the precise experience afforded to tourists on the coast of Eritrea. The Eritrean Red Sea coast, also called the “Blue Gold” of the Red Sea, is a divers paradise. Continue reading Eritrean Red Sea: The Untouched Diving Paradise

Eritrea’s Marine Resource: Worth Exploring, Worth Investing In (Part-2)


The Eritrean marine resources are vastly distributed within the long coast and below the beautifully and carefully preserved sea. As a continuation to the first part of Eritrea’s marine resources, this section gives details about the coral reefs, bird life, sea turtles, vegetation, tourism prospects and more. Continue reading Eritrea’s Marine Resource: Worth Exploring, Worth Investing In (Part-2)

Can Red Sea Corals Save the Worlds Reefs?

The Red Sea contains some of the world’s hottest and saltiest seawater.

Growing heat and acid tolerant corals in the Eritrean Red Sea might be the next big step to save hot water devastated reefs across the planet.


Hot water tolerant Red Sea corals could be the key to saving the worlds reefs. It will take an international effort to create the massive coral nurseries here in the Red Sea needed to begin to bring back to life the enormous areas of bleached dead coral reefs in places like The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or from the coasts of Florida to the Indian Ocean, but it can be done.

Red Sea corals living in shallow waters here in the historic Zula Bay in Eritrea annually tolerate water temperatures of up to 37℃ (98°F) with only moderate bleaching, with the bleached portions able to recover once water temperatures go down. If all species present tolerate these high temperatures, there will be species that can tolerate even higher levels of temperature stress. Continue reading Can Red Sea Corals Save the Worlds Reefs?

Securing Biodiversity through Protecting Areas

The project aims at establishing management systems for protected areas and contribute to restoration of the ecosystem, and securing the long-term survival of Eritrea’s globally significant biodiversity.


Eritrea houses a large variety of globally significant biodiversity. With a newly launched project, GEF, UNDP and the Government is increasing efforts to protect these valuable natural resources.

The project initiation workshop took place on the 22nd of July, with the ultimate objective to establish national conservation areas covering nearly one million hectares of currently un-protected terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Continue reading Securing Biodiversity through Protecting Areas

Coal Vs.The Great Barrier Reef

The Dahlak Archipelago in Eritrea contains arguably the richest, most biologically diverse, and most spectacular coral reefs in the world

By Thomas C. Mountain,

Every year 1,000,000 tons of coal dust blows or washes onto Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This has gone on for the past decade and is set to almost quadruple in the coming years as Australia accelerates its great coal rip off. Continue reading Coal Vs.The Great Barrier Reef