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Empowering Women: UN Report 2015 – Eritrea

Eritrea’s Achievements and Experience
Eritrea’s Achievements and Experience: Presented on the occasion of the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women Side Event on Eritrea

By Eritrea Mission and UNCT,

INTRODUCTION: Eritrea with 1200km coastline and more than 300 islands in the Red Sea is strategically situated in the eastern part of Africa. It joined the international community in 1993 following liberation from Ethiopian colonialism in 1991 through an arduous thirty-year armed struggle.

The socio-economic character of the Eritrean population comprises of more than 80% agro-pastoralists, with the rest being mainly workers, merchants, students and professionals (EPHS 2010). There are nine ethnic groups – Afar, Bilen, Hedareb, Kunama, Nara, Rashaida, Tigre, Saho and Tigrinya, each having its own language.  Continue reading Empowering Women: UN Report 2015 – Eritrea