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Cruising Through the Golden Coasts of the Dahlak Archipelago

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

Scattered like a string of pearls upon the azure, the Dahlak Archipelago and its coast were once described by Eritrean Horizon as one of “the last, great and unspoilt destinations in the world.” With more than 200 of Eritrea’s islands which belong to the Dahlak archipelago, this island chain forms the natural gateway to Eritrea, guarding the approaches to the modern port of Massawa and the ancient one of Adulis.

Topographically, the Dahlaks rise above a shallow continental shelf lying off the coast. Unless one is blessed with an unlimited amount of time, it is hardly feasible to explore the over 200 islands within a short time period. Nevertheless, even a few hours can provide a rewarding and rich snippet. Continue reading Cruising Through the Golden Coasts of the Dahlak Archipelago

Eritrea: A Small yet Exceptionally Interesting Country

Prevailing peace and stability in Eritrea makes many of its major attractions open for exploration. Now is your chance to uncover.

By iExplore.com,

ERITREA is a rather small yet exceptionally interesting country situated in the Horn of Africa, with its northeast and eastern coastline facing the Red Sea. This East African country has the soul of a true African nation with a touch of French, Turkish and Egyptian elements, both in terms of culture and architecture.

Obscured from view of even the most curious travelers, Eritrea will surprise you with its many secrets. However, with its continuous inner turmoil and conflicts with neighboring Ethiopia, it is far behind in terms of tourism. Thanks to recent developments in the country’s peace and stability, many of its major attractions are now open for exploration.

Eritrea is a beautiful country that is worth visiting for its mesmerizing history and culture. Travelers are sure to enjoy the native wildlife and the remarkably diverse geography that offers wide stretches of coastal and beach areas, inland mountains, plateaus and highlands, deep gorges, and superb river channels and scenic tablelands. Continue reading Eritrea: A Small yet Exceptionally Interesting Country

Eritrea : A Dreamland of All Kinds of Tourists

Asmara – A memory of architectural heritage of the 1920s

By Seare H. Michael,

Eritrea – a young nation, yet possessing evidences of ancient civilization; a heritage that dates back to the creation of human kind gifted with fascinating features of land. Moving colors of culture, a wonderland of pleasure and a magic sea of adventure; a coastal line most suitable to scuba diving, not to mention swimming and rafting; a desert attractive for camel rides in the bright moonlight of the summer night; a fascinating countryside of landscape and vegetation, permanently forest and green Continue reading Eritrea : A Dreamland of All Kinds of Tourists