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Southern Region: Testifying Developmental Endeavors of a Nation

warsai-dam development in Zoba Debub
The Southern Region (Zoba Debub) has 1,018 villages scattered across 10,000 sq. km., 12 sub zones, and 231 administrative areas. It has seen the construction of 146 dams, 254 ponds, 494 schools, 1 referral hospital, 2 community hospitals, 46 health stations, 9 health centres and 3 MCH as part of the national development drive. (Photo: Warsay Dam by Flooded Cellar Productions Ltd)

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

Located in the Southern part of the country, this region is diverse in its topographical patterns and enjoys various agricultural activities. With the highest number of villages in Eritrea, this region has 1,018 villages which are scattered across 10,000 sq. km. And to facilitate effective administration in the way that consolidate developmental ventures, the Government of Eritrea restructured regional marks of the region and all villages, including to these colonially isolated but now developing hamlets, are under the umbrella of 231 administrative areas.  Continue reading Southern Region: Testifying Developmental Endeavors of a Nation