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Daniel Teklehaymanot Won the Individual Title at the 2012 African Cycling Championship

African cycling kingpin – Daniel Teklehaymanot
African cycling kingpin – Daniel Teklehaymanot

By TesfaNews,

The undaunted African cycling kingpin, Eritrean Daniel Teklehaymanot won yesterday the Individual Time Trial (ITT) title of the 2012 African Continental Cycling Championship in Burkina Faso.

The win, that brought him a second gold medal in the competition, came after finishing a circuit distance of 31.8km in 39 minutes and 11 seconds at an average speed of 48.68 km/hr.

The lesser known Grmay Tsgabu of Ethiopia and South African Jay Thomson finished second and third respectively. Continue reading Daniel Teklehaymanot Won the Individual Title at the 2012 African Cycling Championship

Teklehaymanot Finished his Maiden Olympic Game 40 seconds off the winner

He finished the Men’s Road Race 73rd well ahead of the 2012 Tour de France winner Badley Wiggins (103rd)  all thanks to an accident/crush that stranded Daniel and many other riders for more than 4 minutes. 

Good Job Daniel. Getting on the podium by itself is a great achievement. Nonetheless, we are still African Champions. That’s our GOLD.

By Besrat Solomon,

Five hours, forty-six minutes, and thirty seven seconds 05:46:37 was the total time that took Eritrea’s Daniel Teklehaymanot, which is his first at the Olympic game. Eritrea’s Cycling federation also the first time that it is participating cyclists being represented by Daniel who only started as a professional peloton in 2012 with GreenEdge came in only 40 seconds after the Gold winner Alexandr Vinokurov of Kazakhstan that came in at 5:45:57.

Despite the many challenges Daniel managed to come in at the same time as Mark Cavendish,a.k.a The Manx Missile, who is the most successful sprinter in Tour de France history, that has won 23 Tour de France stages which puts him 4th on the Tour’s all-time list and 9th on the all time list of Grand Tour stage winners with 36 victories.  Continue reading Teklehaymanot Finished his Maiden Olympic Game 40 seconds off the winner

Eritrea with a Legend and a Newcomer towards London 2012 Olympics

Tadese is a current half-marathon world-record holder and the second man on the planet to win three World Championship medals, over three different surfaces, in one year. 

Triumph of Eritrean athletes at the 2012 London Olympics is the expectation of every Eritrean

By Dexter Padayachee,

Long-distance and road runner Zersenay Tadese, 30, is Eritrea’s biggest medal hopeful during this year’s Summer Olympics, after winning the country’s first Olympic medal in 2004 at the Athens Summer Olympics. He is also the first Eritrean to hold a World Championship title after winning the 2006 IAAF 20-kilmoter race.

Tadese’s most promising run is the half-marathon, which has brought him a lot of success thus far. Continue reading Eritrea with a Legend and a Newcomer towards London 2012 Olympics

Eritrea and its Riders: The Next Big Thing?

Eritrean riders expected to repeat their dominance in this year’s African Cycling Continental Championship that will be held right in Eritrea from 8th to 13th of November 2011

By Pierre Carrey,

On 30 January, a historic moment in world cycling occurred at the Tropicale Amissa Bongo race in Gabon. During the last stage of the traditionally gentle season opening event, an mature rider from sub-Saharan Africa defeated an experienced professional. It was perhaps even an inaugural entry in road cycling’s annals. Just after the last corner, Eritrean riders Natnael Berhane launched an inextinguishable sprint that Quick step’s fast finishers Jerome Pineau couldn’t match.

While his arrival, 10 years his junior, was being carried by the crowed in the streets of Libreville, Pineau was gracious in defeat. “Either we play the game by coming here and taking the risk to be beaten or we stay at home….” He said. “I am even very happy to be defeated by an Eritrean rider. That’s a nice symbolContinue reading Eritrea and its Riders: The Next Big Thing?

UCI 2011 Africa Cycling Rank: Eritrea 2nd

Daniel Teklehaimanot sweeps 3 Gold medals and an Olympic competition slot at the African Continental Cycling Championships in 2010

By UCI Africa Tour,

Eritrea has lost its ‘leader of UCI Africa Tour 2010’ rank to Morocco this year to become Africa’s second most powerful cycling nation.

Thanks to their overall performance, the Moroccans have surged to the top of the team rankings and are just one point away from the top spot in the individual rankings. The Moroccans, used to dominating cycling on their continent, found themselves suddenly outmatched by the Eritreans in November last year, in the African Championships and the Tour of Rwanda. They learned from this reversal, and last month they answered their rivals’ fire and form with the hard science of persistence. The Eritreans ended up being ousted as leaders of the UCI Africa Tour.

Eritrea (with 505.64 points) came second in the rankings by nation, behind Morocco (715 points) and ahead of South Africa (445.32 points). Continue reading UCI 2011 Africa Cycling Rank: Eritrea 2nd

UCI Africa Tour: Historic Performance for Eritrea

UCI Africa Tour leader Daniel Teklehaymanot

By Pierre Carrey

The exploit of the Eritreans is historic

To reinforce their position at the top of the UCI Africa Tour’s individual and team rankings, the “Red Sea Boys” beat the professionals to win two stages of the Tropical Amissa Bongo at the end of January. This victory from the Sub-Saharan Africans is an event that hasn’t been seen for decades in world cycling. Continue reading UCI Africa Tour: Historic Performance for Eritrea