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Absconded for Headlines, A Shattered Dream!

To Yonatan Habte “Shekortetino”: Laughter is the best medicine. But if you laugh with no reason, you need medicine.

By Helen B.,

As we remembered all in 2015, ten of the Eritrean national soccer team deserted after [deliberately] losing the game to team Botswana. Their desertion made short lived headlines indented to undermine the government and the people of Eritrea.

Hence the government and Interior Minister of Botswana valiantly denied them political asylum, convinced that the Eritrean stars were not fearful for their lives and they should return. These players like all other Eritrean national sport stars are exempted from any military services. Botswana government officials saw no legitimate ground to grant them political asylum but allowed them to temporarily stay in the country after appeal was made by the so-called human right group. Continue reading Absconded for Headlines, A Shattered Dream!