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A Look Back at the Battle of Dekemhare

battle of Dekemhare
The final offensive to liberate Asmara began in the Dekemhare Front and that makes the battle of Dekemhare the most decisive and important one of all.


Twenty-five years ago this month, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Army (EPLA), the armed wing of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), started making preparations for its final major offensive or “zazami quinat ዛዛሚ ኩናት” in Tigrigna to take Asmara and Assab and liberate Eritrea from the enemy.

The fall of the Nadew Command and Capture of Afabet, the largest three-day battle ever fought on the African continent where nearly 20,000 Ethiopian troops were killed or captured by the EPLF, had already started the beginning of the end of the colonial Ethiopian Army in Eritrea. Continue reading A Look Back at the Battle of Dekemhare