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16 Derg Officials Released from Ethiopia Jail

16 out of the 23 higher Derg officials released after 20 years of imprisonment

By The Reporter,

Among the 23 Derg higher officials, who were convicted for crime against humanity and put into jail from life imprisonment to death penalty, 16 of them was released yesterday from Kaliti penitentiary Facility.

Those 16 Derg higher officials convicted of crime against humanity and jailed for the past 20 years was freed on parole.

Of the freed higher officials, the former Derg Prime Minister, Major Fikire Sillasie Wegderes, Vice President, Colonel Fiseha Desta, Major Legese Asfaw, Colonel Endale Tesema, Major General Wubshet Desei, Lieutenant Colonel Nadew Zekarias, Sergeant Petros Gebre, Sergeant Sileshi Menesha, Captain Dejene Wondimagegnew, Eshetu Shenkute, Lisanu Mola, Brigadier General Legese Belayneh, Gesgis Gebre Meskel, Abebe Eshetu, Berihun Mamo and Major Desalegn Belay. Continue reading 16 Derg Officials Released from Ethiopia Jail