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UK Warns Ties with Ethiopia at Risk

UK Foreign secretary condemns detention of Andargachew Tsige in solitary confinement
Andargachew “Andy” is a British national of Ethiopian origin. He has been sentenced to death twice in the Ethiopian regime’s kangaroo courts and highly likely to face torture. A year has passed since he was abducted and the British Government has done absolutely nothing, other than express regrets and issue fuzzy statements, to secure his release or to ensure that he is not subjected to abuse and mistreatment. It is a shame Andargachew Tesige “Andy” is a British national in name only.

By Reuters and The Guardian,

THE British government told Ethiopia on Thursday its treatment of an imprisoned opposition figure, who is also a British national, was unacceptable and that the case risked hurting ties between the two countries.

Andargachew Tsige was sentenced to death in 2009 in absentia over his involvement with an opposition political group and another trial handed him life behind bars three years later. He was arrested in Yemen in 2014 and extradited to Ethiopia.  Continue reading UK Warns Ties with Ethiopia at Risk

UK Government Accused of Sponsoring Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

UK-and World Bank-funded development programme in Ethiopia found to be responsible for villagisation-related widespread abuses in Ethiopia resulting in destruction of livelihoods, forced displacement of minority ethnic groups (Anuaks) from their fertile lands and forests

By RT.com,

A DEVELOPMENT project funded by the UK government and run by the World Bank could be facilitating a violent resettlement program in Ethiopia that has been dogged by allegations of forced displacement, physical assaults and rape, a leaked report suggests.

Britain’s Department for International Development (DfID) is the primary sponsor of the World Bank’s foreign aid initiative, supposedly set up to improve basic health, education and public services in Ethiopia. It has attracted over £388 million in UK taxpayer’s money to date. Continue reading UK Government Accused of Sponsoring Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Rights Abuses ‘Being Ignored by US and UK Aid Agencies’

DfID and USAid accused of overlooking complaints of human rights abuses by Ethiopians caught up in ‘villagisation’ scheme

Controversial “villagisation” resettlement programme funded by US and UK results in serious right abuses to Lower Omo Valley communities

By The Guardian,

The UK Department for International Development (DfID) and USAid, the American aid agency, have been accused of ignoring evidence of human rights abuses allegedly linked to their support for a multibillion-dollar social services programme in Ethiopia.

A report published on Wednesday by the US-based thinktank the Oakland Institute details a long list of grievances presented to aid officials from the UK and US by communities in the Lower Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. They claim they suffered intimidation, beatings, rape, forced evictions and other abuses as a result of the government’s controversial “villagisation” resettlement programme, which seeks to clear land to make way for commercial investments.  Continue reading Ethiopia’s Rights Abuses ‘Being Ignored by US and UK Aid Agencies’