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The Eritrean Narrative is Pure, Earned and Priceless

 Eritrean narrative is pure, unsaleable and independent
Our detractors tried everything under the sun to re-write our history including the history of our independence struggle with their own skewed narratives. That can and will never be the narrative because Eritrean narrative is pure, unsaleable and independent. Besides, the Eritrean population today is much more conscious, politically astute and media savvy with the ability to write and rewrite its own narrative and destiny.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

ERITREA possesses a unique narrative cultivated over decades paid-for with dear life of thousands of Eritreans. Eritrea is, in a way, lucky to have gone through a tough struggle that paved ways for narratives that clearly define and distinguish her apart from the rest. These narratives, based on principles, values and hard earned experiences are guiding Eritrea through some tumultuous times that have consumed many nations once-considered invincible.

In a nut shell, Eritrea is a self-reliant, social justice oriented, hardworking conscious nation willing to pay the price to ensure independence. Eritrea is a proven country through and through. Eritrea is a nation that believes on equality. Eritrea possesses values that are selfless and incorruptible. The attitude and personality of the people is glazed with unparalleled humbleness unseen in the saintliest of places. Modesty is pervasive from the president on to the average person. The order in the society is based on respect where elders are given priority; they are revered, treated with utmost dignity and respect. Continue reading The Eritrean Narrative is Pure, Earned and Priceless

Lies About Eritrea: ‘Tiny’

The Endless Lies About Eritrea should Come to a Complete Stop!

We Eritreans must thwart all false portrayals of our country by the main stream media

By Red Sea Fisher,

The Lie: In relation to most nations, Eritrea is relatively small.

The Truth: According to the CIA Factbook, Eritrea is the 101st largest country in the world, making it larger than about 60% of all countries on the planet. Eritrea’s area is larger than that of Israel, South Korea, Austria and Denmark. However, unlike these nations, Eritrea is often called “tiny” in a high proportion of articles written about it.

Additionally, as the quotes below illustrate, the tiny label is never found in a vacuum and is always accompanied by other negative misrepresentations (e.g. “Eritrea’s not known for much except good coffee“). Continue reading Lies About Eritrea: ‘Tiny’