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UN Monitoring Group on Somalia: Any Credibility Left?

The UN is fast becoming a tool for manuplation by Western powers

By Afrah Negash,

The UN Monitoring Group (MG) that is responsible to scrutinize the arms moving into Somalia will present its report in the coming few days. While the Group has not yet released its latest report, one needs no crystal ball to predict what the report will include.

Invariably, it will endorse the allegations that were already made by Ethiopian officials “Eritrea is supporting rebels in Djibouti, a splinter group from the SPLM/A, Islamist in Somalia, and was attempting to kill African presidents in Addis Ababa”. Its recommendation will similarly be the same to what recently Ethiopia requested in the name of IGAD: more and tougher sanctions on Eritrea, targeting the mining sector and remittances from the Diaspora. Continue reading UN Monitoring Group on Somalia: Any Credibility Left?