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Reflection on Meseret Bahlbi vs Mirjam van Reisen: A New Platform

meseret bahlbi vs Mirjam van Reisen
Amsterdam court decides Prof. Mirjam van Reisen not guilty of libel and slander for comments she made based on ‘reaserch’. However, all Prof. Reisen‘s research on Eritrea suffers from hindsight mainly because the ethos behind her intellectual judgment drives her to look information that matches her imagination of the Eritrea she wish.

By Temesgen Tesfamariam,

It was last week that I saw the epic court case of Meseret Bahlbi vs Prof. Mirjam van Reisen. It was historic event for it is elevating the global struggle of Eritrean diaspora into a stage never before was imaginable. Its transformational virtue outweighs the immediate value of the verdict.

In light of this, I decided to put effort writing this article because, I, personally believe it requires a special attention not just to mention it as a new event in a long-standing history of diaspora struggle against defamation but for what it means in changing the course of the struggle.

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No Nation Deserves a Secondhand Love

How the Duthch (Netherlands) media bias is systematically stripping the rights and freedom of Eritreans in the country. (Photo: Eritrean refugees in the Netherlands; inset – Habtom Yohannes, a certified anti-Eritrea element)

By Gebre Fessehazion,

No nation deserves a secondhand Love. In this case, Eritrea doesn’t need a secondhand love or emotion. No one loves his own mother with secondhand emotion. The same applies to your own country. Right or wrong the love and the support to your own country should be first above everything. Loving or supporting to your own country doesn’t make you a criminal or spy for that matter. Eritrea wants to be sure its defenses lying in our hands but not to rest in the palm of another “outsider”. Continue reading No Nation Deserves a Secondhand Love