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Does Dr. Tedros Adhanom have the Requisite Qualifications to Become Next WHO DG?

Tedros Adhanom for WHO candidate
Dr. Tedros Adhanom’s nomination as the sole candidate representing Africa for the post of Director General of the World Health Organization is an insult to we Africans. By reading his candidature in the context of the political, social and economic policies of the government that he represents, we argue, he does not meet the exceedingly high standards required for a Director General of the WHO.

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin,

Eight medical doctors have served the World Health Organization (WHO) as its directors-general, through it the international community, in the post-war world from 1948 to the present, beginning with Dr. B.Chisholm of Canada, and now the incumbent another Canadian Dr. Margaret Chan, with dual citizenship (Chinese, Hong Kong).

The only exception in the making now for her successor is a non-medical doctor candidate from Ethiopia, its present foreign minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who also happens to be in top leadership position as an executive committee member of the ruling Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Continue reading Does Dr. Tedros Adhanom have the Requisite Qualifications to Become Next WHO DG?

Ethiopia’s Hidden Cases of Ebola Exposed

CONFIRMED. Chief of the Benishangul Regional State Health Bureau acknowledges concealing existences of three confirmed Ebola cases

By TesfaNews,

THE Ethiopian government has been consistently denying reports of any confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola in the country.

However, a leaked top secret letter from the health bureau of the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State in the Western part of Ethiopia exposes how the government tried to conceal the outbreak from the public and the media.

The letter that was dated and signed by the Chief of the regional health bureau Mr. Ayele Jirata on October 4th, 2007 Ethiopian Calendar (or 14th October 2014) was addressed to the Assosa Referral HospitalContinue reading Ethiopia’s Hidden Cases of Ebola Exposed

Homeopathic Vs. Ebola; Criminal Ignorance In the Medical Industry

Is it possible to treat Ebola with Homeopathy? What is to be lost in trying homeopathic medicines for treating Ebola?

By Thomas C Mountain,

AS THE deadly virus named Ebola continues to rage in west Africa there maybe homeopathic medicines that prevent and cure this disease but due to what would best  be described as the criminal ignorance dominating the medical “industry” it is highly unlikely that we will ever know if this is possible.

As far as “modern” medicine is concerned homeopathic medicines are little more than voodoo. Yet when it comes to treating the Dengue Fever virus, the largest, fastest growing infectious disease in the world until now,  which “modern” medicine can neither prevent or cure, there is a homeopathic medicine that is complete effective and safe. Continue reading Homeopathic Vs. Ebola; Criminal Ignorance In the Medical Industry

Eighteenth Edition of Eri-News is Out

Eritrean Mission to the AU and UNECA released Eri-News 1.18

By Eritrean Mission to the AU and UNECA,

THE Eighteenth Edition of ‘Eri-News’, a bi-weekly electronic newsletter prepared by the Press Section at the Permanent Mission of the State of Eritrea to the AU and UNECA, is out today.

In this edition, the topics included are about President Isaias’ working Visit to Egypt; Japanese government delegation to Eritrea; Eritrea’s participation in the Emergency Meeting of the AU Executive Council on the Ebola Epidemic; the launching of National Leather Value Chain Strategy; and Finance Minister’s visit to Sudanese Currency Printing Press.

Here follows ‘Eri-News’ Vol.1 Issue #18. For Downloads, please click HEREContinue reading Eighteenth Edition of Eri-News is Out

Eritrea Starts Ebola Awareness Campaign

The current Ebola outbreak, which began in Guinea in March, is considered to be the world’s largest ever with 961 deaths (Guinea: 367, Sierra Leone: 298, Liberia: 294, Nigeria: 2)

By SelamTribune,

THE Eritrean Ministry of Health has released timely information as regards the means of transmission, symptoms and the necessary measures towards prevention of Ebola which has posed serious threat at the international level.

Accordingly, the members of communities most vulnerable to the incurable disease constitute patient caretakers, health professionals and quarantine workers, and nationals are advised to attend health services in cases of apparent symptoms.

The Ministry also stated that it has set up a committee of experts that would follow up the disease, and called on all Health institutions in the country to apply the international preventive procedures towards communicable diseases, conduct community sensitization activities, gather and disseminate timely information, in addition to raisin of follow-up on quarantine centers.  Continue reading Eritrea Starts Ebola Awareness Campaign

Obama’s Legacy or African Summit

The summit is seen as an attempt to build up the president’s legacy on the African continent using some buzz words like trade and investment that are not even unique to Africans

By Berhane Weldu,

A SUMMIT has been called by President Barack Obama, the 44th president of the USA, to be held in August 2014 for dialogue with most African leaders leaving some out of the summit Eritrea being one. China and Japan have had previously conducted such a gathering with no exclusion; inclusive of all African nation.

As this is the first of such gathering for an American president one can say it’s a historic opportunity for Obama’s legacy. However; President Obama is a lame duck president with no time to legislate or change the status quo; with a 41% approval rating and, 33% of Americans grading him as the worst president since WWII (Quinnipiac poll). Nevertheless, we will see if  ‘The African Summit’ would help his legacy. As has been published at various time and now known as a common knowledge one can infer that Obama has no power to influence the American people or congress.  Continue reading Obama’s Legacy or African Summit