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EU Parliament Resolution on Eritrea, the Battle for Neutrality and Objective Assessment

EU Parliament resolution on Eritrea Human Rights
“Patch-work draft resolutions on Eritrea put forth by assorted groups in European Parliament epitomize hypocrisy and ignorance of the reality inside the country. Why should Eritrea listen to the selective and condescending moral sermons of those who have always kept mum at the breach of its national rights?” – Yemane G.Meskel

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution as far as concerning to Eritrea’s pertaining situation on March 10. Filed its resolution as (2016/2568(RSP)), the European Union raised various issues, embracing the constitution of Eritrea which was adopted in 1997, Universal Declaration of Human rights, United Nations consecutive sanctions, concerning to the reports of the Commission of Inquiry, and other various matters.

Despite the deepness, complexities and variedly concealed as well as exposed natures of the raised issues, some have still—as a media reporter—captivated my concerns. Continue reading EU Parliament Resolution on Eritrea, the Battle for Neutrality and Objective Assessment

2015 in Review: Eritrea’s Charm Offensive

Meticulously planned, expanded and executed diplomatic efforts by Eritrea in 2015 has already borne fruit. Without getting overly optimistic, Eritrea expects to gain more this year that eventually lead to annulment of the unjust sanctions altogether.

By Simon Keleta,

Eritrea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to have been quite busy this past year. The effect of Eritrea’s growing relations have clearly borne fruit within the halls of the UN. To understand the gains made in 2015, we must first recall UN Security Council Resolution 1907 and the conditions that brought sanctions on Eritrea in 2009.

Knowing that European Union (EU)-member states were historically reluctant to support anti-African resolutions not sponsored by Africa as a whole, Susan Rice exploited Eritrea’s temporary absence from the east African regional bloc, the Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), to rally members of the African Union (AU) in an anti-Eritrea resolution that was made to appear as an “African Initiative.” Continue reading 2015 in Review: Eritrea’s Charm Offensive

EU Poised to Resume Development Aid to Eritrea

Despite being one of the lowest ranking in the Human Development Index, Eritrea receives the least development aid per capita. Eritrea welcomes EU’s partnership on development.

By Salem Solomon | for VOA News,

Eritrea reserves some of its harshest criticism for Western nations and often has strained or hostile relationships with its neighbors. So it may come as a surprise that Eritrea is improving its ties with the European Union.

Evidence of this is in a program known as the 11th European Development Fund, which may allocate $229 million over the next six years for projects in Eritrea relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency and economic governance.

The allocation has not been finalized and the money has not been released, officials stress. But in recent years, the program has funded small-scale projects in Eritrea, including using solar panels to power irrigation in rural areas, and has supported community courts to improve the legal system. Continue reading EU Poised to Resume Development Aid to Eritrea

Eritrea: New EU – UNDP Funded Senafe Hospital Inaugurated

The new 80 million Nakfa heath facility in the border town of Senafe will enhance access to health care to 85,000 residents and the surrounding community

By UNDP Eritrea,

September 20, 2015 was a jubilant day for the community in Senafe as they witnessed the opening of Senafe hospital, a new fully equipped health facility that will enhance access to health care in the Debub region of Eritrea. The new facility was constructed and equipped with support from UNDP and the European Union as part of the recovery program.

The construction of the new facility was spearheaded by UNDP Eritrea during the period that UNDP was supporting recovery and rehabilitation programs in Eritrea after the 1998 -2000 border conflict with neighbouring Ethiopia. During the conflict, the old Senafe District hospital was completely destroyed; in its place, lies an open field surrounded by an old brick wall. Continue reading Eritrea: New EU – UNDP Funded Senafe Hospital Inaugurated