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TPLF Wins All Seat in Ethiopia’s Illegal Election

PM Abiy dismissed Tigray polls as a ‘shanty election’, federal officials said polls have ‘no legal basis’

They did it again. The TPLF once again won ALL (100%) the contested seats in Tigray regional election that the federal gov’t calls it illegal and unconstitutional. (Photo: Associated Press)


The ruling party in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region won all contested seats in elections that have further poisoned an already hostile relationship with the federal government, an election official said Friday. Continue reading TPLF Wins All Seat in Ethiopia’s Illegal Election

Ethiopia: Most Hated, Most Voted!

Election in Ethiopia is getting better and better, as Wendy Sherman, U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs put it. In 1995 the process guaranteed 75 seats to various opposition parties, then it evolved to only ONE in 2010, until it reaches the present stage of advanced democracy with ZERO representative from the opposition. Wait! Does election means about voting who you hate the most?

By Habtamu Seyoum,

ACCORDING to late may 24 news of the shoddy, government affiliated website, Aiga forum, the Ethiopian people revolutionary democratic front had won 100% of the votes. It looks like Election 2015 is not different from its predecessors; the most hated party in the whole nation proclaimed as it is the sole winner of the popular Election. Delirium seems the intimate pal of the ruling party, madness looks like the chronic disease of EPRDF, Insanity found to be the intrinsic element of this gang.

At this moment, many may think ‘do we still need peaceful way of dealing with those larrikins?’ Continue reading Ethiopia: Most Hated, Most Voted!