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The Irrelevance None-Citizen Citizens

When is a citizen a citizen?
Eritrea has prevailed thanks to its positive thinking and forward looking courageous citizens. At the same time, it has seen the abhorrent betrayal by groups of individuals claiming to be her children. Is it justifiable to allow people who have been tirelessly at work to the demise of the country take part as a citizen in its political affairs? When is a citizen a citizen?

By Russom Bahrinegash,

In the discourse of human behavior, there is a general assumption that strong self-serving disposition is what stimulates people to act the way they do. Certainly the pursuit of self-interest is alive and kicking and we see it ever-present albeit in different colours and shades.

On the other hand it is irrelevant whether this is right or wrong. What is relevant is whether one is able to a certain extent to override this predisposition and act in the interest of the collective to which he belongs. This brings us directly to the issue of the essence of citizenship. But what is citizenship and what does it entail?  Continue reading The Irrelevance None-Citizen Citizens