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Ethiopia Hunger Reaches Emergency Levels

Ethiopia’s troubles come at a time when the world is already responding to a number of major food and humanitarian crises elsewhere. (Photo: Tesfaye / UNICEF Ethiopia)

By Codi Kozacek | for Circle of Blue,

The first three months of 2016 will be critical for providing food and water aid to Ethiopia, where swathes of the country are reeling under the worst drought in 50 years. In some areas, food insecurity has reached emergency levels, and at least 15 million people in Ethiopia will need humanitarian assistance this year, according to international aid agencies.

Ethiopia is struggling to cope with the legacy of one of its driest and hottest years on record. The weather, linked to the global El Nino weather phenomenon, destroyed harvests in central and eastern Ethiopia and severely harmed the health of livestock herds in the north. As a result, families face an early start to the annual lean season, which typically doesn’t begin until April. Continue reading Ethiopia Hunger Reaches Emergency Levels