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Eritrea Launch Campaign to End Child Marriage

Child Marriage
National Conference on Combating Child Marriage in Eritrea (Photo: Biniam Berhe)

By Shabait,

A National Conference on combating underage marriage in Eritrea was conducted on the 11th of June at Asmara Palace Hotel. The conference was aimed at launching a national campaign to end child marriage in Eritrea once and for all.

The conference was attended by senior government officials, diplomats, religious leaders as well as invited guests.

At the opening session, Mrs. Amina Nur-Hussein, the Minister of Health, underlined that since independence the Government of Eritrea has been tirelessly working to bring an end to child marriage. Minister Amina pointed out that encouraging outcome has been registered so far. She also stressed that more needs to be done to reach the desired result. Continue reading Eritrea Launch Campaign to End Child Marriage